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Frequently Asked Questions

Many months of preparation and planning has been implemented to accommodate the extreme influx of orders expected from our supporters during upcoming holiday events. These new fulfillment procedures are designed directly with COVID-19 in mind so everyone involved is safe from infection beginning to end. While each new work load may be exponentially larger than our growing team is used to, new processes we've implemented and improved upon since Fall of 2020 will continue to process quickly and provide that top-tier unboxing experience each supporter has come to expect from Hard Jewelry. Please remain safe and well among your respective communities!


COVID-19 Impact on HJ

International Orders have been opened up slightly and once again, we ship to over 40 international countries. We will return to shipping world-wide when all international gateways are restored entirely. Thank you for your patience, we adore and love our international supporters to no end!💕


5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Shipping Rates:

*Our shipping times have been delayed due to the overwhelming support we received this drop. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this workload.*

  •      PRIORITY SHIPPING: Arrives within 3 - 7 Business Days   
  •   (DELAYED) FREE SHIPPING: Arrives within 11 - 18 Business Days.
  •  (DELAYED) INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Ships within 11 - 18 business days and delivers within 1 week of arriving in your country.

 **Subject to fluctuation. Reach out directly for more information**

 Product FAQ:



May I return my ring/chain//bracelet/ pendant that doesn't fit the way I'd like?

Absolutely! As long as you've reached out within 15 days from the order delivery, our customer care team will provide instructions on how to process the return shipment as well as provide a return label. If you would just like a refund instead, make sure to reach out within 3 days of your order being delivered!

I don't like the earrings or body jewelry I bought as much as I thought I would, can I return them for exchange or refund?

Our team cannot accept returns on used earrings or body jewelry for sanitation purposes. However if the jewelry is still in brand new unworn condition, it is covered under our 15 days from delivery return policy and 3 days from delivery refund policy. 



Can I exchange my shirt/hoodie for a different size or colorway?
Only if the garment received does not match what you ordered, or is confirmed defective by our customer care team. If you believe your garment is defective, please reach out using our Contact Us webpage and fill out the form!
I ordered a ton of clothes, why were most of my orders cancelled?

We don't support the re-seller markets. We have a one per person policy on limited items that will never restock such as clothing. Order pools are scanned by humans before fulfillment begins. 

I received the incorrect size/colorway with my order. What can you do?

Go ahead and prove it by sending a picture of the garment in question to our customer care team! You can easily inquire through our Contact Page and filling out the form. Our team will be in contact within 5 business days while under heavy load.


Misc. Products.

Can I return or exchange misc. products such as rugs, water bottles, etc.?
We are not be able to accept returns or exchanges on these products unless they are still sealed from the factory, please reach out to our customer care team if you have questions on the topic.
I've received the incorrect misc. product, c'mon HJ wyd?
Busting ass to put it plainly, but please inquire to our elite customer care team! You can do so by easily filling out the Contact Form found on our Contact Us webpage! Homies will be in contact within 5 business days.



When will my order ship?

Hard Jewelry orders will ship out the same day if the order is placed during business hours Monday through Friday before 8 A.M. PST. Orders placed outside of that time frame will be processed the following business day in-between new product releases. New Collection Releases or Holiday Sale Events can significantly increase our teams processing times with orders that chose the free First Class tier shipping option. For the most accurate and up to date information about your order processing time, please refer to your selected time frame upon customer checkout! It is also available within your order confirmation email. 💕🤞


What is the difference between your stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry?

Stainless steel and sterling silver differ in terms of their hardness. Stainless steel boasts a higher level of hardness than sterling silver. Therefore, stainless steel will last longer than sterling silver, especially since it's also rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and free from the possibility of tarnish. With that being said, we are able to achieve a much higher level of detail within our pendants and rings made of sterling silver where our stainless steel pieces will naturally show less detail within the design. Sterling Silver can also be restored to it's original luster using simple jewelry cleaning methods! We personally love .925 silver because it the most reflective metal on the periodic table making it the whitest, and shiniest. Please keep these facts in mind when making selections throughout.


Why haven’t I gotten an order confirmation email?

There’s two possible reasons why someone wouldn’t receive an order confirmation immediately after checking out. Most commonly it would be a typo when entering your information. Or the Auto-Fill feature you enabled on your device has input an email address you don’t use often or for shopping online. In either case, you can use the website Contact Form to send us your order number and correct email address you would like it to be sent to. Our team will be ready to resend the confirmation for you once we reach your inquiry within our queue!

Why have I gotten an order confirmation email but no shipping confirmation yet?

You will receive a tracking link via email as soon as our team creates a shipping label to get your order into transit. During peak seasons such as a new drop date or holiday sale our processing times are increased and can take anywhere from 2 to 14 business days before receiving tracking. You may have an existing tracking link that hasn’t populated with information as well, which is subject to the same processing times during peak seasons in order to see movement.


My tracking link says my order was delivered but I can’t find it. What should I do?

It is extremely common for the USPS to accidentally deliver mail to neighboring addresses, just by one or two houses/units in most cases. You should check up with them to see if they've gotten any black mailers with your name on it! Also checking your local USPS center with tracking number in hand could yield a lost package or its whereabouts. If the parcel is around, they will be able to easily find it. These mix ups happen all the time and we answer these types of questions everyday. If your search is unsuccessful please reach out immediately, bringing us up to speed with your search via the Contact Form. 


My order’s tracking hasn’t moved in a while, what’s going on?

Once an order is in transit, it is USPS’s responsibility to ensure your package gets scanned at each checkpoint. A new checkpoint can take multiple business days to populate in some cases. Especially with orders leaving United States borders! If you feel as though an order has been lost in transit by USPS after 14 days of no movement on tracking, contact us immediately though the Contact Form so we can look into it ourselves!

Do you accept returns for exchanges or refunds?

We are happy to accept returns or exchanges that fall under our policies! Use our Contact Form to reach our team and quickly initiate that easy process! Below you’ll find our guidelines regarding all situations you may find yourself in.


You will have 15 days after order arrival to let us know if a piece of jewelry doesn’t fit or hit right for you. Below you’ll find exactly how to do so for the fastest return possible! Customers are expected to pay for postage in these scenarios.


You will have 3 days after order arrival to initiate a refund on your perfect condition jewelry, no questions asked! Customers are responsible for postal fees and providing tracking on that parcel to our customer care email. Your refund will take place as soon as the package is received in the warehouse. Once pushed through, a refund can take anywhere from 2 to 7 business days for the banks involved to finalize the transaction.

Received wrong/missing item(s)

We’re extremely eager to fix these issues as soon as possible! We’ll handle all postage fees involved with the error that took place. Completely fill out our contact form to let us know exactly what went wrong as soon as an error is realized. Providing pictures of the items received, included picklist, and order number right away will vastly speed up the error verification process!


​You must use a bubble wrap mailer to ship your jewelry in order to prevent all damage in transit. Any jewelry severely damaged in transit due to very poor packaging will automatically void all arrangements made prior to shipment. No exceptions.

Feel free to send your return to the address below. But first you must include a handwritten note including your order number as well as detailing your reasoning for sending it back to us. That could be for an exchange or refund! Also adding your first and last name on the outside of the package speeds things up with processing. You must use our contact form on the store website to send us the tracking number associated with your return! Please be sure to include the new size if you are exchanging or any other requests for us to fulfill on our end and you're all set for a secure return for exchange or refund! Please also consider that we may be out of stock on an item by the time the return arrives to us! It's rare, but in the event that happens you will be offered an exchange for product of equal value, store credit, or refund! Thank you for supporting our art, it means the world to us! 💕🌎
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