What is this and what sizes does it measure?

Our Ring Sizer measures ring sizes 1-17 (USA sizes). It’s made of lightweight, durable, and reusable plastic.

How it’s used

  1. Wrap it around your finger and fasten it until it’s snug. The sizer works like a belt, but for your finger.
  2. Make sure the sizer can slide over your finger’s knuckle (the bone in the middle of your finger), similar to how you’d take off an actual ring. If you have difficulty sliding the sizer off your finger, loosen it. If the sizer can't go over your finger’s knuckle, your ring will get stuck when you put it on.
  3. Cop that perfectly sized Hard Jewelry ring you’ve been thinking about <3


Coupon codes are not applicable to Ring Sizers

We normally ship orders within 1-2 business days. Please note that during a new release or sale, it can take 5-18 days to ship out your order. There are no returns available for this product, unless it comes defective to you. In that case, we will replace it free.

PSA: Intended to be sold as a standalone product. Any jewelry orders include this sizer for free. Sizer orders do not include freebie stickers. Tracking is not available on Ring Sizer shipments.
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